Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 !!?? Where did the time go ??

I can't believe it was a year ago I wrote my first pattern...the Up, Up  & Away Passport Wallet !
More amazing is that that little pattern started me on the road to designing.
If I had only knew what was coming!!

I have to admit it has been an interesting year...busy but interesting!
I have learned so much!!
I have learned how to design pattern pieces on the computer, tackle layouts, edit pictures, write instructions (that is the hardest part) set up a testing team, started a Facebook group, and I published 7 patterns!
Yes it was a busy year !!
Wish I could say I loved every minute ( some learning experiences were harder then others) but I did learn a lot and I am going to keep designing this year!

So look out 2017 !!  I am ready this time !! 

To celebrate my 1st Birthday!! 
The Up, Up & Away pattern has been updated & improved and now includes 3 pocket versions....
-Family version ( up to 6 passports) 
-Singles/Couples version with a zipper / slip pocket 
- Bonus Single /Couple version with the full size pocket of those large cell phones (5.5" - iPhone 6+)

The pattern is on SALE on Craftsy ! 
Grab your copy *here*

Check out the gorgeous samples the testing team made!

Judy made this gorgeous version out of cork!! Love it !!

I love the faux leather Dyan used ! It was her first time sewing faux leather !! She did a famous job!!!

Pamela made the family version out of fabrics ...You don't have to use faux looks great in prints too!!

 Bernice went for the wild look!! 
Leslie is ready for a Hawaiian vacation!! 

Laura also went wild !! the pocket fabric!
This also was Sandie's first time sewing faux leather, unfortunately she got one the kind that is sticky and hard to sew but she mastered it !! There is no stopping her now!! You can read about it on her *blog*
 I love how Maggie added the ribbon trim to the whole front !! Great idea!
last but not least ...Sue didn't make one wallet she made 2 !! ...
the first one in pink Faux leather with a machine embroidered flap ( those the pocket fabric!) 
and the second one is for her husband that travels a lot...he just wanted a simple classy passport wallet with his name on it! I'd say she succeeded!!! 

If you would like to make your own Passport wallet...grab it while its on Sale  ( until Jan 23rd) .

Curious what will be this years first pattern ?? 
All I can say is it includes a zipper!!LOL
Happy Sewing !!


  1. Hi Liz,
    so lovely ,to hear from you again!
    First of all, let me wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, filled with love and creativity, much Luck and Healthiness!
    Congrats to your Designing-Birthday! This Wallet is really wonderful!
    Looking forward to new designs from you!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  2. Добрый день! Спасибо, полезный материал. Добавила ваш блог в закладки.
    Извините конечно, но теперь о самом главном! Хотела рассказать всем про фото косичек на новый год, и к тому же Причёски джессики альбы, а так же скачать бесплатно причёски для девочек и в конце-концов есть ещё бал в картинках.



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